Adventure Time Season 7 Episode 17 Angel Face

This episode starts off when Bmo was making a lot of sandwiches with cute but kind of disturbing ingredients since they were alive which took 6 hours to make for Jake, however Jake can only eat those sandwiches if Jake becomes Bmo’s horse for the day and he can only eat 1 sandwich every 1 hour,

Jake accepts the bargain so Bmo puts on his cute cowboy costume and went out just to find a wanted poster of a bounty who is secretly Finn and then goes to the desert to track him down but, someone is following which isn’t a part of the game. What’s even cuter than Bmo wearing a cowboy hat? Bmo wearing a cowboy hat while singing! Yes, Bmo sang this episode which was really cute that fits this episode and we get to see the red fox who tried to eat Jake one time, he attempted to take one of the pigs and eat them but Bmo gives the pig and the Fox a sandwich. Bmo and Jake later finds a town in the desert which

was made my NEPTR which took him months but eventually gets wrecked by Bmo’s amazing skill of destroying things, and gives NEPTR a b*tch slap which shows that Bmo gets violent when doing pretends, also like how he kicks Jake when he’s riding him. While Bmo was busy destroying the cheap made town, Jake was eating the sandwiches without Bmo noticing. Since there was no sandwich left, Jake was unmotivated to go on the pretend any furtherbandicam 2016-01-14 22-03-42-456 so they stopped it but, couldn’t find their way home, instead they found Finn still dress in a silly costume tied up near a camp fire and a mysterious guy who later reveals to be Me-mow the “ex” assassin cat. Bmo and Jake charged to save Finn so Bmo took out a cute gun which was actually real and he stated that he’s old enough to have one. After the fight between Me-mow, Me-mow got locked up in the Candy Kingdom but I have a feeling they’re planning something for him in the future episodes, and the that’s how the pretend ended. This episode was so humorous and cute especially when Jake turned into a horse without even making any bandicam 2016-01-14 21-32-02-067effort and how Finn was wearing a bounty costume that made him looked like homeless old man. It’s really great that we get another episode of Bmo that isn’t really dark. Did anyone else giggled a little when Bmo whispers to Jake “I’m going to ride you”? 😀


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