Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 11-The Last Chimera

Sorry for being late to review this episode because I was unaware of it since I’ve lately been busy in school, but enough excuses let’s just get started.

Moving on, in the start of the episode, Lydia’s vision revealed the reason why Theo killed her sisterbandicam 2016-01-14 16-10-51-670 because she wanted her heart to transplant it so he can be a genetic chimera like the others, and I now I remember why Theo is b*tch. There was so much emotion in this episode and that it really captured the characters’ relationships. We see the characters in a vulnerable state this episode and it made my heart really heavy since I have known these characters in a long time. I really like how they did the father and son relationship and how it expresses the painful feelings of Stiles when he was in the hospital alone and worried, waitingbandicam 2016-01-14 16-14-14-196 for his dad to get better which really shows the strong bonds between these two has. The Sheriff was actually dying and Liam’s stepfather doesn’t know how to heal him so he went and asked mama Scott if she knows anything since she’s really calm about it, and I feel like mama Scott will tell the secrets to Liam’s stepfather in the future so I can’t wait for that. Scott also is currently having hard time due to him not being able to heal his wound, is too weak to walk and go into his wolf state, and the fact that he’s still guilty and ashamed that he let his pack get torn to pieces which makes it 10 times worse but I think he did the best he can and that he doesn’t need to beat himself up for this since the past is in the past. Stiles and Scott bromance have seen better days since we get to see them fight and argue throughout the whole episode and it is because Stiles blames Scott for not being able to help his dad and how this wouldn’t have happen if he’d rescued the Sheriff.

bandicam 2016-01-14 16-15-00-999While Scott and Stiles were having a hard time, Parrish was busy having wet dreams about Lydia (look away kids). After Parrish’s wet dreams, he went and look for Lydia in the Nemeton which he found her wasn’t in a good shape since she was hypothermic and has claw marks on the neck because of Theo. Parrish and Scott took Lydia to the hospital but was taken out due to Lydia’s mother signing a contract to take her to Eichan house which proves why Lydia was locked up in there in the future. We also get to see a mother and daughter relationship between Lydia and her mom which we don’t really get to see very often and it was really sweet how they added this however, it kinda went too far since Lydia’s mom blames Stiles and his friends and how she sent Lydia to the Eichan House for safe keeping. bandicam 2016-01-14 16-17-50-833Not only Scott and Stiles have problems, Liam is also in guilt and blames himself for letting Hayden die and by trying to kill Scott which is kind of a jerk move, but Mason comforted him by telling him that all of this is not his fault because the supermoon got to him and that there was nothing else to do about it. After that, Liam and Mason went to look for the Nemeton which they did found but they were caught in thebandicam 2016-01-14 16-26-47-769 woods by the police and Hayden and was like “surprise motherf*cker” which was shocking for Liam since he thought she was dead.
We get to see Malia in the episode which made me scream since she’s one of mybandicam 2016-01-14 16-28-50-924 favourite characters in the show. Malia helps Scott and Stiles track down a guy named Noah Patrick since he was responsible for the Sheriff’s condition.
Noah Patrick looks like an interesting character since it is revealed that he is in fact a Berserker which makes him really cool and how I know the actor’s from a game hebandicam 2016-01-14 16-24-08-588 was in named “Until Dawn”. Chris Argent was also in the episode which probably made everyone scream, he helped Scott and Malia take down the Dread Doctors but only as a distraction so they have time to escape. So does this mean Derek might come back too? I mean Chris came back so I hope he comes back. Mama Scott and Liam’s stepfather opened up the Sheriff since it was revealed that a bone marrow was stuck in him which was definitely Noah’s bone. After the surgery we get to see Stiles laying down beside the Sheriff and I was just so happy.

At the last part we get to see Theo’s pack visits the Eichen house to take Lydia so they could attract the hellhound who is Parrish, which they did. Is it just me or did Tracy became 10 times hotter? however , I feel like she’s going to be a bitch this season. bandicam 2016-01-14 16-23-19-647And finally, the best thing that ever happened in this episode is when Liam and Mason were in the library reading a book, when suddenly ripping off the map of the book although Mason suggested that they make a copy of it.

I really love this episode and I can’t wait to watch the next one which i’ll be reviewing in the future so stay tuned!



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