Adventure Time Season 7 Episode 16 Summer Showers


In this episode we get to see Viola doing an audition for a play made by Lumpy Space Princess. First of all how did LSP even became a theater director? I thought she was hobo? . Anyways, Viola didn’t get her role that she dearly wants but instead she became the assistant manager of LSP which was a bummer for her because, throughout the episode you can see she really wanted to get that part like when she was lip syncing Tree Trunks’lines while she was backstage, she even lied to Jake that she got it since she didn’t want to disappoint her dad which is really every problem of teens these days, they lie to their parents so they won’t get disappointed. We can also see that Viola is has an artistic and smart personality like when she was in the rooftop when doing the rain drop effects that made LSP really impressed even though LSP was hard on her. The second part I wanna talk about is Tree Trunks kissing Mr. Cupcake, at first I really thought that she and Mr Pig broke up when I saw the kissing scene but in the end they were still together and that Mr Pig made the right choice to forbid Tree Trunks from doing the play even though I felt sad for Tree Trunks.bandicam 2016-01-13 19-08-29-656 The other thing that’s bothering me is that when Viola took the role main role, did she kissed Mr Cupcake? That would be really awkward since Mr Cupcake flirted with Lady Rainicorn and now her daughter? I give Jake a thumbs up for not getting angry though. That part when Viola took control of the play and teleported LSP to the Ice Kingdom was priceless! Ice King flexing and asking if she was real makes me remember that Ice King has “wizard eyes” which makes you see things, really weird things.bandicam 2016-01-13 19-08-40-000 The last thing I wanna talk about are Jake’s parenting and how supportive he is when it comes to his kids which was really sweet of him so it really makes him a good dad. And the last thing is Finn sleeping in the background beside Jake, I can imagine that Finn knew that it was going to be boring even though he went just to support Viola was also really sweet and good detail added.bandicam 2016-01-13 19-08-52-509 This was a really laid back and relaxing episode in Adventure Time compared to what happened in the last episode which was full of action so they made this episode relaxing to balance it out so give a big round of applause for Adventure Time and its creators. What did you find interesting in this episode? Did you relate to Viola? and what information did I miss or you


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