RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 8: Destiny

Nothing really happened happened that much which kinda disappointed me a little because I had high expectations that it’s going to get dirty in this episode but didn’t happen which is okay because I loved how this episode turned out even though nothing happened that much. We get to see Yang’s and Pyrrha’s emotions, whether it’s hatred, guilt, sadness etc. and I just respected them even more in this episode since we get see what they’re going through and trust me it is not easy facing something that pressures you a lot, especially Pyrrha, but first let’s talk about Yang.
bandicam 2016-01-12 20-35-48-060Yang crying was just upsetting thinking that Blake doesn’t trust her is like betraying her but Blake trusts her in the end so no worries, however I feel like team RWBY is starting to split apart. Apart from Blake, people will probably start to not trust Yang anymore due to what happen so in the later episodes we will probably see Yang suffer even more. I also think that Yang will track Raven down alone without anyone knowing. While she’s gone something bad might to happen,bandicam 2016-01-12 20-37-49-394 which already did when Ruby encountered Mercury without her sword but I think it’s going to get even worse. bandicam 2016-01-12 20-36-33-594We also get to see how supportive the teams are to their friends and it just shows that they care about each other no matter what happens, well… I don’t know about Blake though. Moving on wee get to see Pyrrha in a vulnerable state and in conflict with herself and her decisions that it just saddens me because she’s always the one who found the good in things, but right now there is nothing good nor a good side in what’s happening which worries me about her even more. Seeing Pyrrha pressured really makes my heart ache and I just can’t handle it and I of course will support her decisions whether she wants to be a maiden or not because she wants to be a huntress, it’s her “destiny” to be one, you can’t force someone to do things that they don’t like, it’s wrong but, she fits to be a maiden and like what Ozpin said, we’re running out of time.bandicam 2016-01-12 20-37-15-596 One of the good things that happen in this episode is when Jaune and Pyrrha had a moment and it’s just so cute, I feel like Jaune is growing up to be a man and a good leader! except the part when Pyrrha accidentally hits him on the wall, that was just awkward but I think Jaune has a crush on Pyrrha so I hope they get together in the future, or maybe they won’t…maybe this is the last time they’ll see each other since there has been a disclaimer in Roosterteeth that the season will get even dark and they suggest that kids should not watch it so it might mean that Pyrrha, Penny might die but we won’t really know for sure.Next episode is where the fun starts and where something bad will happen again due to Pyrrha fighting Penny which is a huge disadvantage to Penny that might cause something to happen that will upset the audience thus attracting the grim even more. What do you think about this episode? Do you think Pyrrha should be a maiden or not?


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