RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 7: Beginning of the End

This chapter tells us who Emerald and Mercury were back then when they aren’t trying to destroy the world into catastrophe. I really appreciate this episode so much that it gave me chills and it was just filled with suspense, like I was squeezing my pillow so hard because i’m just really worried about what’s going to happen to Yang. Anyways, now it has been confirmed that Emerald can make illusions which proves that she’s a powerful threat and more dangerous enemy to team RWBY but, I still really despise her so much that I just want to punch her in the face since it’s her fault that Yang’s in trouble and that she had beaten Coco because no one hurts my COCO! It has also been confirmed that Mercury actually has robot legs which now makes sense because Pyrrha used her polarity powers on him and how he didn’t get injured when Yang shot his foot,bandicam 2016-01-12 16-25-39-958 but it was damaged so this might mean that Mercury’s weakness is his legs which might give team RWBY an advantage when they fight him. We have learned so much in this episode but the main thing that really made this chapter amazing and full of suspense is the fight between Emerald, Mercury, Cinder and Amber. We just saw what the maidens can do with their powers and it’s just awesome! but sadly Amber lost since she was outnumbered even though she’s more powerful than all of them. When Amber approached Emerald in the last part we knew she was going to kill her and I was freaking ready for that (i’m sorry but I just really despise her) but didn’t because Cinder shot an arrow. Speaking of Cinder, we actually don’t know what she can do and what she’s capable of and the fact that she can steal people’s powers makes her more of a feared enemy but, was the insect a grim when she stole Cinder’s powers?bandicam 2016-01-12 16-23-19-531 She’s still a mystery to all of us like Neo who we also don’t know her abilities yet but the only thing I care about is Yang and Pyrrha because they’re currently facing their problems. Anyways guys what did you find interesting about this episode?


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