Goosebumps: Review

When Zach Cooper (played by Dylan Minette) moves into a new house in a small town named Madison, Delaware he knew that it was going to suck living there, until a beautiful girl named Hannah made friends with him…but her father won’t let him go near her and the side of their house, but one night Zach heard Hannah‘s scream thinking that her dad did something bad to her so he went and to investigate with his partner in crime, Champ. While they were investigating, out of curiosity Zach opened one of the books on the shelves full of Goosebumps manuscripts which will end up opening all of the books releasing monsters inside the book and will terrorize the whole town if they don’t stop them.Goosebumps Now Zach Cooper has to undo his mistakes by putting all of the monsters back into the book with the help of Champ who is played by Ryan Lee,Hannah who is played by Odeya Rush and Hannah’s Dad who is revealed that he is RL Stine the author of the books played by Jack Black. The-Monsters-of-Goosebumps

This film is directed by Rob Letterman who is famous for directing Shark Tale and the genre of this film is horror/comedy recommended for kids and families. The scenes and the plot are great however, it is aimed for kids and family so there wasn’t anything really terrifying at all about this movie which kind of disappoints me since I read the Goosebumps books back when I was a kid which the books were more scarier than this but it’s worth watching due to the amazing cast especially Jack Black.
News: There will be a sequel to this movie.


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