October 2015: Series/Movie of The Month

These are the series and movies that I suggest watching this month or any month.

We Bare Bears – It’s really funny and cute so I highly suggest it. It’s about 3 bears and their silly and problematic daily life.

Fairy Tail– I just started watching this which is really late. for those who haven’t watched it yet and likes magic then this anime is for you.

Steven Universe– Love this show because of the humor and the plot. This show is about aliens (Crystal Gems) who is accompanied by Steven comes to protect planet earth from other alien threats.


Wakfu– I feel like this show doesn’t get much credit so i’m putting it in this list. This show is like a fantasy game turned into a show, actually it is originally a game turned into a show and they did a great job. This show has a lot of combat and interesting plot so I highly suggest it too.

Pan– Everyone knows the legendary Peter Pan, but what you don’t know is how his story started. I dare you to watch it now.

Tell me if you’ve watch one of these shows and movie and which show or movie should I review next? tell me in the comment section and Like and share if you like this list 🙂


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