Review: Bravest Warriors

Bravest Warriors is an american web series created by Pendleton Ward the same creator that created Adventure Time and it’s directed by Breehn BurnsThe series is produced by Frederator Studios for their channel in YouTube named Cartoon Hangover. The series pilot premiered on Frederator’s Random! Catoons on Nicktoons Network on January 10, 2009 while the first series premiered on Cartoon Hangover’s YouTube channel on between November 8, 2012 and March 7, 2013. The series has about 2 seasons for now (season 3 is said to be aired later on 2015) which contains 24 episodes total and has about 5 minisodes. The voice actors of the series (not the pilot) are Alex Walsh (as Chris Kirkman), Lilian Mumy (as Beth Tezuka), Ian Jones Quarty (as Wallow), John Omohundro (as Danny Vasquez), Tara Strog (as Plum), Sam Lavignino (as Catbug) and Michael Leon Wooley (as Impossibear).

The series is set in the year 3085 where 4 teenagers that are heroes-for-hire as they travel to the universe to save adorable aliens in need of their great skills using their powers controlled by their emotions. They will have many challenges in their crazy adventures, they will have sacrifices to make and will Chris ever have a relationship with Beth?.


So what I like about this series is that it’s really laughable to watch and it’s kind of more matured unlike Adventure Time and other series because there are some explicit stuff like this one ⇓

bandicam 2015-04-25 22-04-14-160

so it’s kind of interesting in some way. I also like the Chris and Beth episodes because it’s cute and hilarious at the same time and yet again, the character development, in the episodes we get to know the personality of the characters as the series progresses.


2 thoughts on “Review: Bravest Warriors

  1. Got a couple of episodes in, I don’t think I like it as much as Adventure Time. It just didn’t seem as polished to me, however, I suppose it is only a webseries and may not have as much money to throw at it.


    1. Sorry for not replying as soon as possible, but I do agree with you since it is a webseries but it does have an interesting plot. Once you get into the second season then you will probably enjoy it since a lot is going to happen in the second season. Again sorry for not replying as soon as possible.


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