Review: Star Crossed

Star Crossed is an american sci-fi romantic drama series created by Meredith Averill. The show premiered on The CW Monday, February 17, 2014. Unfortunately the series was cancelled by The CW because there weren’t many people watching it. It only has one season which contains 13 episodes. The cast are Matt Lanter (as Roman), Aimee Teegarden (as Emery), Malese Jow (as Julia Young), Greg Finley (as Drake), Grey Damon (as Grayson), Natalie Hall (as Taylor), Brina Palencia (as Sophia), Chelsea Gilligan (as Teri) and Titus Makin Jr. (as Lukas).

The story starts on September 17, 2014 when a spaceship crash landed on Earth, the military went to check the space ship and they found another human-like species called Atrians. Without any second thoughts the people shoot the Atrians thus the Atrians attacks with their own weapons as well, but there were too many people and most of the Atrians were injured, killed or captured. The remaining Atrians that survived escapes to find a secret place to hide. An Atrian boy named Roman who is the son’s leader of the Atrians escapes the battlefield and finds his way near to a house, Roman went and hides at the house’s shed. While Roman was hiding, a six year old girl named Emery saw someone enter the shed so she went and checks it out. When she opens the door, she finds a scared little boy hiding in the shed. Emery helps Roman by feeding him, but her parents didn’t know and after some time the two of them became friends, but the authorities eventually find Roman hiding in the shed and kills him with no mercy. After 10 years since the incident of the spaceship crash landing on Earth and the death of Roman, Emery goes back to her school after spending four years in the hospital dealing immune deficiency, the officials announced seven Atrians (known as Atrian Seven) will attend the same high school for a test to see if they can get along with the humans. The students of the school and the humans provokes and abhors The Atrian Seven including everyone who is an Atrian…except Emery, who was kind to the Atrians and later discovers that one of the Atrians was the boy that she met in the shed when they including Julia were in a place where Atrians live to seek a plant called Cyper to heal Julia but was unsuccessful. Emery and Roman creates a bond to each other in the series. Roman and the Atrians lives in a special sector surrounded by the military and has a strict curfew at 10:00 pm for the Atrian Seven.As the story progresses, after the confrontation in school between Eric and Roman, his friends were on a mission to ruin an upcoming party which they weren’t allowed because Atrians are forbidden to leave the sector, except the Atrian Seven going to school, Roman follows his friends. Eric is attacked by Drake but got terminated because the police came to raid the party. Roman didn’t follow his friends because he goes to the hospital to try to heal Julia. While Roman’s friends were in the sector right on time for the curfew, Roman’s father learns that his son was outside the sector because of a fellow Atrian that has illegal gadgets who was the one who let them escaped the sector. When Roman’s father was arguing with the fellow Atrian one of the police who was Emery’s father came to inspect if they have any illegal gadgets which the fellow Atrian has so Emery’s father shoots the Atrian but accidentally shoots Roman’s father, which caused a group of Atrians to form a squad (called the Trags) to kill and avenge Roman’s father including other Atrian’s that were killed. Since his father was killed, it is up to Roman to lead the Atrians to safety, protect Emery from the Trags and to stop the Trags for doing any abomination which can help them reduce the animosity between humans and Atrians.

The features I enjoy watching this show is the character development, the story and tension in every episode, I also adore that they included how the people and the government will react (in real life) if there were any aliens on earth which is really captivating and interesting to the show. This show is just really really good and I really enjoyed watching it! Unfortunately, they cancelled the show so it’s really heartbreaking, but all in all it was a good show!


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