Review: Awkward.

Awkward is a comedy teen series created by Lauren Lungerich and can be watched on MTV. The series premiered on July 19, 2011 on MTV and it contains 4 seasons which consists of total 64 episodes. The cast of the show are Ashley Rock (as Jenna Hamilton), Beau Mirchoff (as Matty McKiben), Jillian Rose Reed (as Tamara), Brett Davern ( as Jake Rosati), Morly Tarlov (as Sadie Saxton), Nikki DeLoach (as Lacey Hamilton), Desi Lydic (as Valerie Marks), Greer Grammer (as Lissa), Jessica Lu (as Ming Huang) and Mike Faiola ( as Kevin Hamilton).

The story starts when Jenna Hamilton a normal teen girl who loses her virginity to a popular boy named Matty Mckiben who is the boy of her dreams at a summer camp, Matty and Jenna continues to do this act during the show but after some time she realizes that it was wrong to do it since they don’t even know anything about each other and Matty treats her like she’s invisible in the public, the two teens kept it a secret because Matty Mckiben is sensitive of his reputation since he is popular guy but Jenna did tell their secret to Tamara and Ming, her two best friends.Jenna then receives a ‘care-confrontation letter’ to an anonymous person and had an accident in her bathroom, the accident news spread all over her school which everyone thinks it was an attempt suicide and made her become well known in the school as the girl who tried to commit suicide.This caused some people to bully her, especially Sadie Saxton who is a cheerleader and a pain in the ass to Jenna and her friends. Jenna has to deal with a lot of issues in high school like trying to fit in throughout her school year, her peer pressure and her boy problems.

This show is really laughable which I like and it’s really fun to watch how teenagers face their issues in school. One of the elements of the show is that people get to relate to the characters because they probably have the same situation and I think it’s really cool how they added that.


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