Review: Witches of East End (TV Series)

Witches of East End is a TV series based upon the book which has the same name created by Melissa De La Cruz, it premiered on Lifetime on October 6,2013. The series contains only 2 seasons (each episode contains 40-45 minutes) because Lifetime cancelled the show due to the fact that it didn’t have that much ratings during the second season. The cast of the show is Jenna Dewan, Madchen Amick, Julia Ormond, Rachel Boston, Daniel di Tomasso, Eric Winter and Christian Cooke.

The story revolves around a family of witches who lives in Long Island’s secluded town of North Hampton. It starts off with 2 sisters named Freya Beauchamp (Jenna Dawn) and Ingrid Beauchamp (Rachel Boston) who are in the family of witches (The Beauchamp Family), but they are unaware that they are witches. Joanna Beauchamp (Julia Ormond) tries to hide the secret of them being witches to her 2 daughters (Freya and Ingrid) because she wants them to live a normal and happy lives but eventually fails to hide the secret because one of the Beauchamp Family enemy is trying to kill and ruin the lives of the Beauchamp Family so eventually their mother Joanna Beauchamp (Julia Ormond) reveals to them that they are in fact immortal witches. Now that they know they are witches their aunt Wendy Beauchamp (Madchen Amick) and their mom Joanna Beauchamp (Julia Romond) teaches the 2 of them how to use and control their magic so they can protect themselves from any danger.

I really like the concept of the story and the fact that I like the supernaturals, like vampires, werewolves, witches etc. but what I really like about this show is that every episode is really thrilling to watch and it makes you want to watch even more so this is why I held on to this show till the very end.


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