Review: Bee and Puppycat

Bee and Puppycat is a web series created by Natasha Allegri, and produced by Frederator Studios. They released the series at July 11,2013 and it still has 4 episodes (time length of one episode is about 7 minutes), the other episodes is said to be released in 2015. The main characters are voiced by Allyn Rachel (Bee) and the Vocaloid program Oliver (Puppycat).

The story revolves around a girl named Bee who got fired from her jobs which made her unemployed, while she was on her way home she encounters a mysterious creature in the streets which is a cat-dog hybrid called Puppycat. She then adopted Puppycat, apparently the cat-dog hybrid has magical powers and together they go on an intergalactic jobs to pay her rent.

The series is really funny and adventurous which I really like and adore, I also like the art style of the show it kind of reminds me of Adventure Time. If you are a fan of these kind of shows then I recommend this to you!

If you want to watch it now the click here:


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