Why Do I Like Adventure Time?

So you guys might know the series Adventure Time because it’s a really popular show.

So Adventure Time is about kid named Finn and his magical dog named Jake and they have a journey to fight off the evil stuff that’s been happening in the Land of Ooo, so basically they’re heroes. So if you watch this show you might probably know the whole plot so i’m not going to talk about the whole plot because the title said ‘Why I Like Adventure Time’ not ‘What is Adventure Time?’, moving on.

The first thing why I like Adventure Time is because of the story, why I like the story is because of the fact that there are hidden secrets and mysteries that hasn’t been revealed yet which is interesting and of course the story is also captivating because it’s unique, no one has ever thought about a war that turned people into these strange characters we know and love because of a nuclear war, when you really think about it the plot of the show is kind of dark in some way. I also like the characters, about their personality and the humor of the show, this is actually why Adventure Time is one of the longest running series in Cartoon Network because the jokes they make are so funny it’ll make your day, and you kind of grow and get attached to these characters through time when you watch the episodes. I like that they have songs in the episodes that make you want to dance and download it in your phone because it’s so catchy, like this one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrcT7sseLZI. And last of all is the fans, they are just awesome and i’m glad i am part of the fans.

Well those are the stuff why I like Adventure Time! I hope you like it!


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