What Would We See If They Make A New Avatar Series?

I’m a huge fan of the Avatar series ( ATLA and LOK) and i’m really sad that the series ended…well everyone knew it was going to happened anyway but it’s still agonizing for me because i’m a huge fan. Now for all of the avatar fans out there i know what you’re feeling and it’s really tragic, but did you ever thought what would happened if they didn’t end the Avatar series?

If they were to continue Korra’s story then we would actually see Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami and the others being grown ups like Korra in her 30’s,we might also Meelo, Ikki and Jinora in there 20’s or maybe we’ll see them being Teens, and of course we might also see Varrick and Zhu li being a couple and we might even see them have a baby–now that would be awesome to see. If they ended Korra’s story then we would see the new Avatar after Korra and how he/she connects with the past avatars or avatar because the other past avatars aren’t linked or connected anymore so he/she will only get to connect with Korra so that would be pretty interesting to see/watch. I would actually want to see an Avatar 10,000 years after the Harmonic Convergence, I would want to know how Vaatu would come out of Raava’s body or spirit and how the Avatar will defeat Vaatu, Would he destroy Vaatu again? Or lock him up in the Tree of Time for another 10,000 years?.

What do you think we’ll see if they didn’t end the avatar series? And what do you want to see if they haven’t ended it?


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